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Our Experts

Estée Cockcroft


Estée Cockcroft is the founder of Sassy Llama. As a mother of three daughters she felt it imperative to start a company that equips young girls with tools to navigate their online and offline worlds. Read More

Naomi Holdt

Educational Psychologist

Naomi Holdt is a mom of two inspirational little humans. She holds a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of KwaZulu Natal. Read More

Yolandi Allen

Digital Life Skills

Yolandi Allen is a social media expert and consultant with over 8 years of experience in the industry. During this time, she has helped a number of people and businesses build strong, authentic brands online. Read More

Dr. Nadia Jooste

Mental Health

Dr. Nadia Jooste is a medical doctor and a mother of three with a special interest and additional qualifications in psychiatry. She has been working for 7 years as a medical officer in mental health at Elizabeth Donkin psychiatric hospital. Read More

Elzabé Olivier


Elzabé Olivier holds a Masters Degree in counselling psychology from the University of Port Elizabeth and completed her internship at Hunters Craig Psychiatric hospital. Read More

Dr. Ilze Ritter &
Dr. Da-Niel van Zyl

Aesthetic Health

Dr. Ilze Ritter and Dr. Da-Niel van Zyl are both medical doctors with a special interest in medical aesthetics. Whilst spending countless hours preparing... Read More

Cassandra Lister


Cassandra Lister is a biokineticist and fitness & conditioning coach at Results Fitness. She is currently completing her Masters degree in Biokeneticts at Nelson Mandela Bay University. Read More

Louis Zietsman

Mental Health

Louis Zietsman has been working as a Registered Counsellor in private practise since 2017. He qualified with a 4 year BPsych (Counselling) degree as well as a Masters in... Read More

Kelly Kingwill

SA Athlete

Kelly Kingwill is a multifaceted goaldigger. She is a South African athlete and former national champion in the women's triple jump. She is an accomplished academic, with Bachelors, Honours and Master's degrees. Read More

Dominique Breakey


Dominique Breakey is a newly registered dietician working in Johannesburg. She studied at Stellenbosch University where she obtained a BSc in Dietetics as well as her Honours degree. Read More

Llama Squad

Paige Thomson


Paige Thomson is a llama with a difference. This sporty busybody enjoys ballet, netball and swimming. Paige is attracted to the lime light and gets her kicks from singing and dancing on stage. Read More

Hannah Elfick


Hannah Elfick is a llama who lives out of the box. She gets transported by playing video games, reading a good book or travelling to new and exciting places-she has been all over! Read More

Jo Jacobs


Jo is a passionate llama that dreams of space travel and life on Mars! She chooses scouting above parties, wall climbing and hiking above shopping, and scuba gear rather than make up and heels! Read More

Jordan Lee


Jordan Lee is a rhythm junkie with built-in beat. She is kind and considerate and adores her friends and family. Read More