Tweens and teens are awkward
creatures similar to llamas.
However, llamas are very strong.
They carry heavy loads across mountains.
Our mission is to bring out the
inner strength in every llama we work with.

Meet the Founder

Sassy Llama was born in the Eastern Cape when one mom’s google search for a digital life skills workshop aimed at teens, yielded no results.

The need for this search stemmed from her teen daughter having a rather distressing WhatsApp-wobble when explicit content and defamatory voice notes were shared on a group.

"With cyberbullying, sexting and online predators entering our children's world from an early age, I knew I had to start something to help digital natives navigate their online world responsibly," she says.


Getting sassy on radio

Susan Simpson from Kingfisher FM hosted Sassy Llama on the Lifestyle show. We spoke about the difficulties teenagers are faced with in the digitally connected world. Curious? Have a listen here.